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Local government finance

Resourcing local government remains a central challenge to effective decentralisation. This section has content relating to different models of fiscal decentralisation, options for identifying new sources of local revenue, such as local property tax; and strategies for improving collection and deployment of own-source revenue. It also offers information about improving the borrowing potential of local government, innovative financing models such as municipal bonds, shared services, and public private partnerships.



New century local government commonwealth perspectives

Democratic decentralisation through ‘conventional’ institutions of local government is facing increasing challenges, whether from financial pressures, questions of representativeness, difficult central-local relations and from a perhaps growing belief that local government has failed to realise its potential and there may be better ways of achieving societal goals. It is clear there is need to contemplate quite radical change to ensure local government becomes or remains ‘fit for purpose’. This collection of papers illustrates the way in which the role of local government is evolving in different parts of the Commonwealth and provides practical examples of new local government at work. It showcases emerging practice, and highlights success stories from new ways of working and challenges confronting local government in both developed and developing countries.

Author: Edited by Graham Sansom, Peter McKinlay Publisher: Commonwealth Secretariat Publication year: 2013

Municipal infrastructure financing innovative practices from developing countries - book review

Review of the book: "Municipal Infrastructure Financing Innovative Practices from Developing Countries" edited by Munawwar Alam

Author: Kevin Tayler Publisher: University of Technology Sydney Press Publication year: 2011

Project Hetura: reflections on an international local government partnership

The objective of this paper is to provide an overview of the Townsville/Port Moresby partnership activities and explore the challenges and benefits to both Councils from the perspective of a Townsville City Council employee associated with the program.

Author: Susan Gheller Publisher: University of Technology Sydney Press Publication year: 2010

Local government in a global world: Australia and Canada in comparative perspective - Book Review

Review of the book: "Local Government in a Global World: Australia and Canada in Comparative Perspective" edited by Emmanuel Brunet-Jailly and John F. Martin

Author: Claudia Scott Publisher: University of Technology Sydney Press Publication year: 2010

Municipal infrastructure financing innovative practices from developing countries

Municipal Infrastructure Financing provides an overview of the municipal finances and the extent of private sector involvement in the delivery of municipal services in selected Commonwealth developing countries. Four cities are examined in detail: Dar es Salaam in Tanzania, Kampala in Uganda, Dhaka in Bangladesh, and Karachi in Pakistan. The book presents some innovative options for alternative sources of municipal infrastructure financing, including attracting private sector participation, based on the successful experience of other developing countries. It also identifies the key challenges in municipal financing, and any broad institutional and financial strengthening measures that are required to tap alternative sources of financing for growth-oriented municipal investments.

Author: Edited by Munawwar Alam Publisher: Commonwealth Secretariat Publication year: 2010

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