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Resourcing local government remains a central challenge to effective decentralisation. This section has content relating to different models of fiscal decentralisation, options for identifying new sources of local revenue, such as local property tax; and strategies for improving collection and deployment of own-source revenue. It also offers information about improving the borrowing potential of local government, innovative financing models such as municipal bonds, shared services, and public private partnerships.



Perspectives on Australian local government reform

Over the past three decades, all Australian State and Territory local government systems have experienced episodes of reform of varying degrees of intensity, often involving controversial programs of forced amalgamation. Perspectives on Australian Local Government Reform draws upon the insights and expertise of an extraordinary group of contributors, drawn from practitioners with extensive and exceptional ‘hands-on’ experience in local government, as well as scholars of Australian local government. The book seeks to blend the wisdom derived from long years as practitioners of local government with the insights flowing from scholarship.

Author: Brian Dollery and Ian Tiley (Editors) Publisher: Federation Press Publication year: 2015

Local government in a global world: Australia and Canada in comparative perspective

This book compares reform trends in Australia and Canada’s local government systems over the past two decades, with attention to the impact of globalization on local governments, their bureaucracies, and local democratic accountability.1 Local governments in Australia and Canada show striking resemblances in relation to history, development, and contemporary issues. This reflects that in both countries, local governments remain an instrument of the states and provinces.

Author: Edited by Emmanuel Brunet-Jailly and John F. Martin Publisher: University of Toronto Press Publication year: 2010

Local government and decentralization in Ghana - book review

A review of the book: "Local Government and Decentralization in Ghana" written by Kwamena Ahwoi

Author: Keshav C. Sharma Publisher: University of Technology Sydney Press Publication year: 2010

Local government and decentralization in Ghana

The book covers several crucial aspects of local government and decentralization in Ghana. This includes detailed accounts of the present structure of local It highlights major problems confronted by local government in Ghana, discusses the prospects for decentralization and puts forward proposals for reform.

Author: Kwamena Ahwoi Publisher: Unimax Macmillan Publication year: 2010

An assessment of rate-pegging in New South Wales local government

Rate-pegging has been in place in NSW for more than thirty years with broad support from all sides of politics. However, in late 2008 the NSW Government commissioned IPART to report on the adequacy of rate-pegging. IPART produced a Draft Report and then a Final Report, which has not yet been released by the NSW Government. Nevertheless, the NSW Government has made some changes to local government finance by way of capping developer charges, allowing IPART to make annual rate-pegging determinations, and enabling IPART to consider special variations in rate-pegging. Against this background, this paper considers the principles and practice of rate-pegging in NSW, the rationale for rate-pegging and counter-arguments on its desirability, as well as its economic effects on NSW local government finance relative to other Australian local government jurisdictions.

Author: Brian Dollery, Albert Wijeweera Publisher: University of Technology Sydney Press Publication year: 2010

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