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  1. Sustainable Urbanisation – A Call to Action


  1. The Healthy People Healthy Cities Initiative - Working with partners: BOVA network; RBM Partnership to End Malaria;UN Habitat; and Uniting to Combat NTDs; in January 2021, city leaders came together to agree a common position and Framework for Action to be presented at CHOGM in Kigali, bringing city and community leaders into the highest levels of decision-making with respect to the prevention and control of high-risk vector-borne diseases and Neglected Tropical Diseases.  Read the Common Position.


  1. Belize City Urban Sustainability and Smart City Project (Belize City) -

CLGF is supporting a 15-month, pilot City Demonstration Project in Belize City; which is responding to city challenges by implementing an Urban Sustainability strategy which focuses on enhancing affordable housing supply; slum upgrade through participatory Public Space Enhancement; and integrated urban planning (data management, cultural heritage etc.), to support improved inclusivity, reduced inequalities, enhanced resilience and provision of adequate social services


  1. Bloomberg Philanthropies 2021 Mayors Challenge

CLGF partnered with Bloomberg Philanthropies to reach out to eligible CSCN city members and support 2021 applications The Challenge will support 50 innovative cities in implementing their urban solutions in the wake of COVID-19, sharing best practice globally.


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CSCN 2018 meeting, Kigali, Sept 2018

Inclusive Urban Growth

CSCN 2016 meeting, London, July 2016

Successful, safe, and sustainable cities: making cities fit for the future


CSCN inaugural meeting, Singapore, October 2015

Cities 2030: vision, leadership, and public service excellence.



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CSCN partners

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