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Supporting local governance and local economic development in the Commonwealth (2012-16)

Funded by the UK Department for International Development (DFID), this programme is part of a wider initiative focusing also on Southern and West Africa. It seeks to improve capacity at individual, institutional and organisation level, to achieve better local council service delivery, with a specific focus on LED.  The four main objectives are: 

  • improve the capacity of local authorities to deliver local economic development services
  • enhance national policy making and support frameworks to facilitate effective service deliver
  • build better regional engagement on local government policy
  • strengthen CLGF’s advocacy capacities within the region and internationally.

Within the framework of this project in Asia CLGF is supporting pilot projects on LED in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and India, in addition it is working closely with the local government association in Pakistan and Maharashtra (Indian) to strengthen their internal structures and support to members, and with the LGA in Maldives to review the legislative framework of decentralisation. 
Another key priority of the programme is to strengthen links between the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) and the local government community of South Asia, which was advanced during the 2014 Colombo Symposium where it was agreed to form the South Asia Forum of Local Government (SAFLG) as a platform of exchange on policy and best practice, and to engage at a strategic and practical level with SAARC.

Strengthening local governance for national development: Sri Lanka Commonwealth project (2013-2016)

Funded by the Commonwealth Secretariat, the project is aimed at strengthening local government systems and encouraging an inclusive developmental approach in planning and delivery of local services, consistent with the national policy framework. CLGF is implementing the project in partnership with the Federation of Sri Lankan Local Government Authorities (FSLGA), and the Ministry of Local Government and Provincial Councils (MLGPC). The project will focus on substantive local government and democracy capacity building to though four thematic pillars:

  • Local Government Institutional Arrangements: Enhancing the institutional legitimacy, place and autonomy of local government as an integral part of the system of representative government in Sri Lanka.
  • Local Government Administration and Financing: Improving the administrative and financial capacity of local authorities to better serve their people through quality and comprehensive information and increased revenue.
  • Local Government Capacity Building: Improving the capacity of local authority elected leaders and officials to fully understand their roles, responsibilities and mandates in order to carry out their duties effectively
  • Engagement: Enhancing linkages between local authorities and their colleagues, communities, other levels of government and civil society to build partnerships for more effective local governance.

These programmes are helping CLGF to strengthen its regional presences and work more closely with members and build on the success of past activities. More detailed information about activities and projects can be found on the country pages

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