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International Womens Day is a great opportunity to think about the role of women in our communities. The Commonwealth spans many continents, comprising a diverse range of member countries. Diverse in terms of size, nature and the opportunities available to afford women equal chances to men Read More
Some very positive results were revealed during the mid-term assessment of a CLGF project on womens empowerment. Funded by the European Union through CLGFs Strategic Grant Agreement, WALL or Women As Local Legislatives is all about empowering women. Read More
Cities are integral to creating a climate-smart future. On-going rapid urbanisation in the Commonwealth, coupled with the increasing pressures on urban communities generated by extreme weather and changing weather patterns, mean that successful cities must plan for a climate resilient future. Read More
The theme of the 2023 Commonwealth Local Government Conference CLGC2023 is: Building resilience in local government to build back better. We explain why this subject is crucial as we go forward and why you should be in Kigali for CLGC2023. Read More
Rapid urbanisation was at the centre of an event last week at an event to emphasise the need for everyone to get on board with sustainable development. Hosted by The Princes Foundation, the Bangladesh High Commission in London. Read More

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