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CLGF Pacific Technical Advisory Panel

CLGF Pacific is supported by a Technical Advisory Panel (TAP), comprising of permanent secretaries and directors responsible for local government and local government associations from its ten member countries. The TAP is responsible for determining and guiding the strategic direction of CLGF’s work in the region.

Specific tasks of the TAP are to:

  • Drive the project and set strategic direction;
  • Approve the annual workplan; 
  • Establish a management framework (including delegations); 
  • Receive progress reports on implementation and financial reports; 
  • Address any variations from the adopted plan; 
  • Work with the appointed specialist in monitoring of project activities and outcomes, and evaluation of the impacts of the project; 
  • Provide technical inputs where needed, 
  • Coordinate local arrangements for project activities in their countries; and 
  • Provide general oversight of the project.

TAP members include representatives from:

Cook Islands: Prime Minister’s Office
Papua New Guinea: Department of Provincial and Local Government Affairs; and, Papua New Guinea Urban Local Level Government Association (PNG-ULLG).
Kiribati: Ministry of Internal Affairs
Fiji: Ministry of Local Government, Housing and Environment
Samoa: Ministry of Women, Community and Social Development.
Solomon Islands: Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Provincial Government and Institutional Strengthening
Tuvalu: Ministry of Home Affairs and Rural Development.
Tonga: Prime Minister’s Office
Vanuatu: Department of Local Authorities, Ministry of Internal Affairs
Australia: Australian Local Government Association, Local Government Professionals Australia (LGPro)
New Zealand: Local Government New Zealand (LGNZ)

The Current Chair of the TAP is from Kiribati and the Deputy Chairs are from Tonga and Papua New Guinea. The immediate Outgoing Chair is from Vanuatu.

TAP Executive Committee

The CLGF Pacific Technical Advisory Panel (TAP) has an Executive Committee comprising of the Chair, the two Vice-Chairs, the immediate past TAP Chair and representatives from Local Government New Zealand and the Local Government Professionals Australia as ex-official members. The Committee's role is to provide guidance and direction to the CLGF Pacific Secretariat between TAP meetings.
Key roles and responsibilities

  • advise CLGF on the implementation of TAP recommendations;
  • advise CLGF on policy responses and appropriate action on new or emerging issues to local government in the region;
  • assist CLGF to define and implement an effective advocacy strategy for raising the profile of local government in the region;
  • advise CLGF on the direction and priorities of its research program;
  • assist CLGF to define and implement a sustainable fundraising strategy;
  • assist CLGF in identifying opportunities for development partnerships;
  • assist CLGF to promote CLGF membership in the region;
  • play a role in the hiring of new CLGF Pacific staff and consultants, as required.

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Knowledge hub

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Regional office

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Board Members for the Pacific region

Board Members

Mayor Lawrence Yule
Mayor Troy Pickard
Hon Atarake Nataara



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