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Pacific Islands Local Government Association Network (PiLGAN)

The Pacific Islands Local Government Association (PiLGAN) was created in July 2013 to represent the collective interests of its members and, where it is logical to do so at a regional level to:

  • improve the visibility of and advocate for the interests of the national local government associations in the Pacific;
  • gather, share and promote good practice in local government associations; and,
  • facilitate and coordinate joint applications to development partners for projects and programmes of regional significance.

The vision of PiLGAN is to provide a strong and effective network that supports, promotes and advocates the aspirations and sustainable development of dynamic local government associations and communities.
PiLGAN is committed to the democratic values set out in the Aberdeen Agenda: Commonwealth principles on good practice for local democracy and good governance.
Any Local Government Association registered in the Pacific region may become a member of PILGAN and all are encouraged to do so. The foundation members are:

  • Island Governments Association of Cook Islands
  • Kiribati Local Government Association (KiLGA)
  • Local Authority Association of Vanuatu (LAAV)
  • Marshall Islands Mayor Association (MIMA)

PiLGAN goals
1. Advocacy and lobbying: To have clear direction and strategies for advocacy and lobbying with stakeholders
2. Partnerships in development: Sustainable effective partnerships through diplomacy, good governance, transparency and acknowledgement
3. Networking: Connected network to enhance local economic development, for the promotion and creation of sustainable livelihood and business environment
4. Capacity development: Necessary skills and competencies to deliver quality services effectively
PILGAN operates as a “virtual” network. Secretariat and support services are provided by the Regional Director of the Commonwealth Local Government Forum (Pacific) who is responsible, in consultation with the Chairman, for maintaining the communications of the virtual network.
The four countries that currently comprise PiLGAN are spread out across the Pacific. Between them they cover a vast area and each has different advantages and challenges however, share a common interest in improving the lifestyle and well-being of communities.
Local governments in the member countries are typically quite small, often village based and have limited resources to do anything but provide leadership and a basic level of services.
The creation of national and local government associations has strengthened the voice of local government in each of the countries and provided support, working in partnership with the responsible central government departments, to make sound policies and legislation to improve the life and prosperity of communities. Local government in the PiLGAN countries are increasingly viewed as important development partners not only for central government but also for donor and other partners.
Roles of local government associations
Local government associations (LGAs) are the sector leadership organisations for local government in their home countries. As such, they provide leadership for the sector dealings with central government, development partners and in some cases the community. LGAs represent the interests of member councils and advocate for the interests of the sector and for individual council members as appropriate.
LGAs also provide services to members that will assist in providing good governance, excellent management and the efficient and effective delivery of local services.
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